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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valero, Time To Take Notice, Again.

On Saturday night Edwin Valero defeated Antonio DeMarco in the ninth round in Monterrey, Mexico for the WBC lightweight belt. Valero improved his record to 27-0, with all fights won by the way of knockout, and all but two, in the first round. He is an unknown as far as American boxing is concerned besides being a YouTube sensation. The troubles that he has faced, a blood clot in his head caused by a motor cycle accident where he was not wearing a helmet, and a DUI in Texas ruined his chances of retaining a visa, and kept him from fighting in the United States. Or maybe Valero's tattoo of the Venezuelan flag and President Hugo Chavez on his chest had something to do with it. The bottom line is that if you can't pass a fight examination or get a visa, you can't fight in the United States. Or so they say. Luckily for him he is in the sport of boxing. This means when you are this good, money fights against big time contenders will find you and rules can be broken. As of March 2008 he is now allowed to fight in Texas again. A message to the top contenders out there, you better watch out for this guy.

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